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Q: Being rich is more important than having close friends?
To me I think it is more important you have friends you can rely on and trust. If you are rich people would just want you, not for who you are but for your money. You need to have friends that you can trust and be close to and that just want you for something else than for who you are. Then being rich can ruin you in many different ways. In order to be rich you have to be greedy in order for you to have all that money. But friends are irreplaceable, especially close ones, and money can be replaceable you really have to thing about it. You can always have friends, but not always best friends that you can cherish for all of your life and rely on when you are feeling down and you need some encouragement. But I would prefer to have close friend because I can always trust on them and rely on them when you need some support. I personally, would not want to be rich at all I think it would kind of ruin me, and I would be a very greedy person. So there can be some ups and downs to this but I would think you would prefer to have friend rather than being rich and just not really have friend that can just use you for your money. But friends well thatís a different story hereís the thing friends can be short but they can also be life long so choose your friends wisely and make them last because if you get just one good friend and true friend then that will really help you in the long run and it doesn't matter how bad off you get or how much better off get however many years later a good true friend will help you get through any obstacle you encounter as long as you help them do the same thing. The more friends you make the better off you will be and the more help and support you can get to just make sure that you make the right friends because if you make the wrong friends and bad decisions that will eventually go down and thereís no coming back. Therefore having friends is more important by any means than being rich, but be careful when choosing your friends and make sure that you choose the right ones because if you donít pay attention and you choose the wrong ones you will regret that decision the rest of your natural life.

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