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Madelyn Elia
Mr. Rogers
English 10H
September 8, 2014

A true friend will tell you the truth, even when you donít want to hear it. I agree with that statement because I feel that true friends will do anything for their other friend. If a true friend tells their friend something they donít want to hear, it proves that they really care about that person and they are courageous for telling them the truth. I feel that if a true friend told you a lie and not the real truth, they would feel guilty and it would bother them for a while. Telling the truth is always a great idea. It is also a good idea to tell the truth because it can be a concern of yours or it can be advice to the other person that they may or may not follow. I also feel that if we have a true friend in our life they will tell you your wrongs and rights. When you are doing something wrong, your true friend would tell you, and, not make dumb and silly mistakes to ruin your life. True friends will be there beside you through thick and thin, anytime you need them, and, they will always be honest with you even if it is hard for them. I also think a friends word is just as important as yours. True friends always have your back, and they protect you from anything that can harm you, thatís why they should always be honest with you. I also feel that a true friend will tell you the truth, even when you donít want to hear it because the definition of a true best friend is someone who you can count on and trust. Even if a true friend tells the truth and the friend gets mad, they will eventually get over it and everything will be back to normal. I feel that you should also tell the truth no matter the occasion, because if you get hurt, you will get better faster then finding out later in the future, because you will have to try and get over how your best friend or friend lied to you. You will be more hurt from your friend, than the actual truth that they told you.
Therefore, a true friend should always tell you the truth, even when they donít want to hear it. A true friend is the lock in your heart, and honesty is the key.


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