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1984. Deep Thoughts response #7

I strongly agree with the statement of society would be safer if we had more security cameras in public places to catch potential criminals, because without cameras people think that they are able to do what they want and not get caught and do a lot of cruel and unusual things to people and things because there assuming that there arenít any witnesses around and they cannot and wonít get caught so there for they would do anything they want with no hesitations or second thoughts. If cameras were simply placed and people and criminals knew they were placed there, the crime rate would drop immediately and they would think twice about doing what they were about to do once they see or are warned about the camera that are watching them. Cameras can help catch a lot of suspicious criminal acts beforehand if securities just watch it carefully and make sure they are all working properly and seeing if everything is going well how it is supposed to.
Many crimes take place in hidden areas where there are no witnesses. Also when there is a time to ask someone to stand up and tell what they saw, no one says anything. More cameras in urban areas, high traffic areas, and drug problem places can be useful to the police and community members who want to put an end to high crime. Most members of high crime communities are afraid to go outside or send their small children to school and not get murdered or kidnapped on the way. If we put cameras in certain locations, the police will catch the criminals and less crime would be competed. Community members should get together and protest to their local police station or town leader to put cameras in high crime areas, and maybe people wonít be scared to leave the house. Other areas where we need cameras are parking lots and roadways. Thousands of hit and runs and car crashes happen every year and only hundreds of them are reported. I highly recommend cameras in and out of schools, due to teen violence. If we had cameras around the perimeter maybe more kids will be cautions of fighting knowing that there are cameras in the surrounding area. Also the school district should consider having cameras in the classroom, not only for the students safety, but for the teachers and staff as well.
In general, society would also be safer if we had more security cameras in public places because once people get into public places they tend to do foolish and unmoral things and there are a lot of outrageous people in the world that need to be watched over with the help of cameras because people with higher authority cannot follow them everywhere they go at all times so cameras are an easier way to get the job done. Those are the reasons that I strongly agree with the statement of security cameras being placed in public places to catch potential criminals.

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