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of mice and men anticipation/reaction guide

The statement that I chose was Life today is more difficult than it was during the 1930s. I have to completely disagree on this statement because life is so much easier today then back then. Lets start with transportation. In the 1930s people would use very slow cars on very old dirt roads, which was harder to travel. Planes were not as advanced and fast as they are now today. Now lets talk about communication. Today we have our modern iPhone that we use as a device to communicate with friends, family, or pretty much anyone you can think of with a cellphone. We can call our parents at any given time whether were in trouble, need to be picked up or some other reason. We can shoot a quick text tone of our friends that takes them an approximate time of 2 seconds to receive. In the 1930s the closest time to send someone a message would do be mailing them a letter which would probably take at least 3 to 4 days. Today there is a much higher job rate then in the 1930s, which was during the time of the great depression During the great depression about 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed and nearly half of the countryís banks had failed. Most of the jobs in the 1930s were labor jobs as of today they are much more sophisticated in the tech and computer world. A device that thrives in the world like any other is the computer. You can pretty much get any technological job today involving computers, cellphones, TVs, cameras etc. There was no tv back in the 1930s so the only source of entertainment was going outside and being active and doing something fun. I know! Can you believe it? Our medicine now is way more advanced then it was back then. We can tell if mother is pregnant and whether itís going to be a girl or boy. Our medicine can save lives, not that it did back then, but can catch diseases earlier on and isolate and get rid of them. It was a very rough time during the 1930s. If people were to travel from back then to now, they would probably faint in how shockingly easy our lives our and we donít need much strength we just have our minds and our technology to survive in the world that we live in.

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