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Of Mice and Men Anticipation/ Reaction Guide

The statement I have chosen to discuss is "Women today are more often treated by men as equals rather than objects." I hate to say this but I completely disagree with this statement. Jobs for example, let's say a man and a woman were both accountants. They both get there monthly pay on the first of the month, its the first of the month an the women goes to see how much she got paid. After she sees how much she goes to compare with the man and realizes that she got paid less than he did yet they both have the same job. THIS ISN'T FAIR! Why should women be paid less just for being a women? Also, have you ever heard the expression 'You throw like a girl?' This phrase has been used for decades to describe a "weak" or "bad" throw. Many people laugh but they don't truly understand what it can do to young girls. When young females are going through the age where they question themselves do you think the best thing for them is to hear 'you throw like a girl?' They then question themselves saying, "what do you mean I thought I was strong!" This absolutely KILLS their confidence, leading to low self-esteem and depression. If women were treated as equals then why do young boys always ask them to go make them a sandwich? This refers to the common housewife role a "typical" woman would play. In my opinion I think this is one of the rudest things that can be said to a girl. It makes them believe that that's all there is to life, growing up, getting married, having kids, and taking care of them. Nothing more. Equality for men and women isn't just about comments people say, its also how we are raised. Me being a teenage girl I can tell you that growing was and still is tough. With all the stereotypes and gender roles I felt like I couldn't be athletic and express my love for sports, but with time I began not to care what people think and to be who I am. I hope that you the reader male or female treat everyone equal so that we all feel important and that we have a pace in this world not matter what gender. Even though men and women aren't equal now I know that in the future they will be.


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