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Re(1): The Crucible

Sierra Dubie

"Confessing a crime you didn't commit in order to avoid punishment is wise."

I do not agree with this statement because if you confess to something you didn't do, it could haunt you for the rest if your life in many different ways. Yes, you may be able to avoid punishment, but you would still have to deal with the aftermath of confessing in front of everybody that you committed a crime you didn't do, which is like punishment anyways. People would than hold a grudge against you for the rest of your life over something you didn't even do. This could cause/create problems and grudges being held upon you for certain reasons. I believe it would be smarter to stick your ground and not confess, even if that meant a greater punishment. If you stand up for what you believe in or want, people will soon follow suit, and changes will have to be made, so chaos doesn't break out among people. This would also show how strong of a person you are, and that you are brave enough to stick up for yourself and people around you. Just like in The Crucible when people stated their beliefs. They were strong enough to stick up for themselves, rather than confessing to something they weren't a part of or didn't engage in.

Lamoille Union High School

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