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The Crucible Deep Thoughts Response

Consider this statement: “The difference between right and wrong is clear.” If someone believes something is right, how does he or she know it is not wrong? Is it simple to see the difference between right and wrong? Some people can easily know the difference between right and wrong, but others find it extremely hard to know the difference between the two. A more accurate statement might be: “The difference between right and wrong is not always clear.”

A person's beliefs about right and wrong comes from what his or her parents taught. We learn many great things from our parents such as having good manners, being polite, respecting others, and knowing right from wrong. However, what happens if the parents do not quite know the difference between right and wrong? If the parents still are not fully understanding the difference between the two, then the child is going to have a difficult time understanding it as well.

Not knowing the difference between right and wrong can be difficult. An example of this would be if one friend asks you to keep a secret from another friend. If something like this were to happen, then you have the choice to keep the secret and possibly hurt the other friend or you could reveal the secret and hurt the friend who asked you to keep it. Which choice is right and which choice is wrong? Another example could be if you had a sibling that did something wrong, but not to the point that it is a big deal. Should you tell your parents what happened or should you just talk to your sibling and let her know what she did was wrong and not to do it again? Is one choice right and one choice wrong?

There are times when something is obviously wrong. From A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket once stated, “It is easy to decide on what is wrong to wear to a party, such as deep-sea diving equipment or a pair of large pillows, but deciding what is right is much trickier.” Sometimes it is obvious to us what is right and what is wrong. For example, we all know the fact that murder is wrong. The point of view can also effect how you see what is right or wrong. The author of The Spiritualist, Megan Chance, wrote:
“Imagine you come upon a house painted brown. What color would you say the house was?”
“Why brown, of course.”
“But what if I came upon it from the other side, and found it to be white?”
“That would be absurd. Who would paint a house two colors?”
He ignored my question.
“You say it's brown, I say white. Who's right?”
“We're both right.”
“Non,” he said. “We're both wrong. The house isn't brown or white. It's both. You and I only see one side. But that doesn't mean the other side doesn't exist. To not see the whole is to not see the truth.”
This quote shows that the difference between right and wrong is not always black and white. This is more common than the difference being so obvious. For example, people with a Christian upbringing believe that same-sex marriage is not okay and people from the gay community believe that same-sex marriage is okay. It all depends on your point of view.

Like many things in life, knowing what is right and what is wrong is not always clear. One can not always define the difference between right and wrong because of difficult situations or because of the different points of view. The truth is, if someone believes something is right, it could be seen as wrong by another person. So, is what that person believes right or wrong? It is not always clear and it is not always easy to see the difference between right and wrong.

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