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i think i have this thing, 2 months ago i found when i was holding an ice cream my hand started itching and it was really red,, then started to swell. eventually after testing this, it happened every time i touch cold and my feet the same and eating pop sickles, tongue ,throat itchy,my lips swell, (cheapest botox).

then i started researching and saw two kinds. it looks like i might have lupus because i remember earlier in the year having a red rash on my face,i assumed i was sun burned, each time it happened, i assumed it was the sun or stress. as i have many freckles and beige skin. now i see it may be lupus.sore bones,break out inside of elbows last year,i am getting back into raw foods, is there a high success rate of natural remedies that beat this? thank you.. more about me.

morbidly obese(again).lost 117 pds on raw,gained back

lots of allergies/animals,dust,foods.ignore most
red hair freckles
sleep apnea
acid reflux
quit all meds recently.cymbalta/vyvance/beta blocker..mostly cold turkey.
high stress
bit anxiety-trying meditation, works
got chicken pox at 22 yrs old..on purpose. i know, stupid

btw, saw you on you tube on markus channel(raw)
also it says "link name" at the bottom, i have no idea what that means, so i left it blank.


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