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the crucible deep thoughts

A Puritan belief that was believed in strongly was that people would die for what you believe in rather than lie to save your life. I can go either way with this argument because there are many arguments in this world that are not worth dying for. On the other hand in the time of puritans is what important to die with an honorable name. In this day and age it is simply not practical to live by this philosophy. At the time of Puritans there was only small communities and their religious values were much stricter than the ones proposed today. This caused people to be more protective of their family name. A clean name was viewed more important than lying to save your life. I do agree with the fact that lying in any situation is right, but you must look at the situation and look if it really worth your life. In one scenario if you are accused of stealing and you are not guilty I do not believe that situation is worth your life. In another scenario if you were accused of murder and you were not guilty that is something that I would strongly defend and not ruin my name for. I also do not truly believe that you should be shamed for your ancestors’ past because you are only yourself and not anyone else. You should be able to make a name for yourself and not worry on past mistakes on your family name.
Another belief that I do not completely agree with is that people are innocent until proven guilty. This is ironic because this is still a law of the land. The reason I do not agree with this is because even if you are innocent in the court system you are not truly innocent in your conscience. There are many people who have the ability to get away with crimes and never receive punishment. These people are still guilty and still deserve punishment. Also there are people who are proven “guilty” that are not guilty at all. They live through there punishment, whatever it may be, while the person who is not found guilty is living free without punishment.
In a time where right and wrong was pretty much written down the belief of what is right and wrong was pretty clear. But in today’s world how do you look at someone with completely different beliefs and tell them what they are doing is wrong? Well the truth is you can not. Of course there are very extreme things like the belief that you should destroy an entire race to become more powerful that we view as wrong. the person doing it though has a completely different look at the situation. Simple everyday things that we do in America or in our religion are viewed different in fellow countries and religions. We can not put a cardinal rule on something and expect everyone to believe and follow that view point of it.

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