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The Crucible Deep Thoughts

Paul Plews – 3B
Deep Thoughts Response
When people go to court and are innocent and did not do a single thing, sometimes things such as racism , bias , prejudice opinions , and things people have no control over , and what people predict will happen , seem to heavily influence a different view of the true story of what happened and who is really guilty. Some people believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty in court. Some people are just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and people just have a guilty look on their face or something that people in the jury see in a particular person that creates a whole mess of problems for the defendant, especially with racism. As people tell me the police sometimes abuse their power against someone they have a problem with or just in general , not a good person , someone who just wants to ruin your day and try to bust people and make their life miserable because some cops just had a bad life so they decide to take it out on innocent people and just put them on a radar that they don’t deserve to be on. Some people could have lived a rough life of crime and poverty and done things that most people wouldn’t do to make a living such as they could have been a former drug addict or a prostitute, or a thief or lived a very sick life and they might belong in jail but they didn’t do anything in a recent case and they go to jail because the system is shot and people’s opinions and racism and biased feelings. Cases still are not looked into deep enough and that seems to get in the way of the way of life in the court system because people are still being falsely accused for things that they did not do. Lastly, when an innocent person is arrested (whether through mistaken identity or some other cause) they are treated the same as every other guilty person in the jail. A person could sit in jail for six months waiting for a court date or because they are not able to post bail. Then when the person finally goes to court and is found not guilty, they are still put back in handcuffs and taken back to the jail to be processed out. That process can take several hours, however, they are still put back into a jail cell and handcuffed even though a jury of their peers found them innocent of the charges they were facing. They do not get paid for the six months that they spent in jail awaiting trial or for the several hours they sat in the jail waiting to be released after they were found innocent. Because of this, I do not believe in the saying that people are “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”. There is just too many things wrong with our justice system. The judges, jury, attorneys and the public in general are all human and are influenced by personal feelings.

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