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so I believe that witchcraft is bad and how people in that day believed it because they have never seen anything like it before and they are wanting other people to believe them for what are they are saying and how it is not right. so in this poem these people are needing a medicine that is not in their books of treatments and so these people are looking for a treatment for this illness and they are looking at all their options and witchcraft is one of them. So at this point in this story I chose to put a minus sighn because I bleleive that witch craft is bad and that these people are not looking at all their opitons because eventually these people will find a medicine for this persons illiness and the will have a better cause for money to because wich craft is pretty expensive and they would just be throwing their money away to so they will not get the result they want and they would be wasting money to something that will not gove them the resolute that they are looking for in they long run so why wase the monet in the frist place. Also the dad did not want them to lay their evil spirts hand on his child because he did not know where these cursed hands have been and he did not want them to make contact with his child. And also I can get is that the dad did not want to have to do witch craft either because he did not believe in it but the daughter felt like it was their last option and felt like he was pushed to do so and so he now does not know what to do and is confused and worried. So while paris tries to figure out what to do he is constantly waiting on his daughter to find a cure or theoney to pay for witchcraft and they are worried because they donít want to put evil spirtrs on the child and the doctor does not have a cure in his book or a cure in his head or a idea of how they could fix hism patent and he had to tell them that to.so during this whole thing the pore child has no cure or no money to risk having a evil hand toutch his bodey so they are stuck in a bind .so after all this I put a minus sighn because it has a lot of negatiyvty and its not a positive sight for the beging of a story. Plus to me it is really confusing and does not make a lot of sence beacause of all the witchcraft and paris and the whole way the story is written and I donít like the time setting of the story because to me its just a negative time and thet really donít see a hope for humaimty and they should but they dint so I said no

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