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Evan Schreiber
Mrs. Altiero
English, 8
8 October 2014
Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome.

I disagree with this statement. Anyone can do something that is difficult and frightening. If it were against your will and putting your life on the line for the sake of others would consider courageous. They take For example; Nick Wallenda tight roped his way across the Grand Canyon for his own sake. When he made it across safely, he was portrayed as an American hero and that he had so much courage to risk his life. That is very false. He chose to go without a harness and other safety measures. If he had done that, it would have reduced the level of bravery by quite a lot. People considered showing courage is people that donít take safety into account. While it did take a lot of bravery, none of it was courage.
True courage is doing something against your own will or something that you donít want to do that is difficult and fearsome. For example, if you are in the army and you are awarded with the Medal of Honor, you are awarded for the courage you had to carry out what you did. An example of a man who had true courage was Charles E Hosking. He was taking Viet Cong sniper prisoner to camp when he pulled the pin on a grenade and started running towards Hoskingís 4 other men in his company. Hosking tackled the man and used the enemyís and his own body as a shield from the blast to protect the 4 other men. Both he and the sniper were killed in the blast. Charles E Hosking demonstrated what true courage is. He did this against his will all just to save four other men. He was afraid and it sure was difficult to chase him down and tackle him, knowing that you will die with him.
There is no comparing these two events. They are different in every way. Nik Wallenda tight roped his way across the Grand Canyon. While this does take a large amount of bravery, it does not mean in the least bit that that was an example of courage. Charles E Hosking, on the other hand, sacrificed his life not only for his men, but also for his country. It is embarrassing that these two men are put in the same category with eachother. People who are courageous take danger or fear, and make it into a challenge for themselves. They set aside what others think is impossible and make it a reality. They have no tolerance for what others say they cannot do. Instead, they take what they want to do and run with it, until their goal is attained.

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