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Deep Thoughts

Megan Lynn
Mr. Hill
H American Literature
Period 1
9 October 2014

Deep Thoughts Response- the Difference between Right and Wrong is clear

Do you think the difference between rights and wrong are clear? I don’t. Everyone has their own opinion about what is right in the world and what is wrong. Something that one person thinks is the right choice, could be the wrong choice to somebody else. I believe that there is no clear line dividing what is the right choice and what is the wrong choice in most situations because parents, religion, and society influence our beliefs. The difference between right and wrong is not always clear.
The difference between right and wrong varies among different people. People choose what is right and wrong based on their beliefs. Their beliefs are influence by what they were taught as a child. First, our choices are influenced by our religion. For example, the Christian religion thinks that it is wrong to be gay. Other people and the gay community may disagree with the Christians belief and find it totally acceptable to be gay and think it is completely right. Another example of this is how Jewish people eat their meals vs. how others eat. People of the Jewish descent believe that it is wrong to believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Other religions believe it is right to believe that Jesus was the son of God such as Christianity.
In addition to being influenced by religion, our choices between right and wrong are also influenced by our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, and/or families. Our families teach us everything we needed to know as a child. They are a big part in our lives and influence the way we eat, act, live, and treat other people. They also influence many other aspects in our lives. For instance, some families may believe that eating meat is morally unacceptable and/or unhealthy. They think it is wrong to consume animals. These families would choose to be either Vegetarian, Vegan, or take on any other diet that does not consist of meat. They would not include meat in their meals. Other families however, such as mine, believe that eating meat is not wrong. They would enjoy eating meat such as steak, hamburger, chicken, etc. without worries or guilt, unlike vegetarians.
Furthermore, the difference between rights and wrongs are strongly influenced by society. Society today influences people by using magazines, television shows, commercials, social media, books and many other ways that are exposed to the public. These objects in society show off celebrities and their lifestyles. Some people may find it right to do something because a celebrity has. Others go against the celebrities decisions. For example, some people may believe it is okay and right to do drugs because all the “cool” celebrities do and don’t get in trouble for it. Others, including myself, think that it is wrong and illegal.
In conclusion, I believe that there is no defined line between right and wrong. Many people’s ideas of right and wrong vary because of the way they were raised by their family, society, and religion. Everyone has their own opinion and thinks different situations are right and wrong. The difference between right and wrong is not always clear.

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