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The Crucible Deep Response Essay

Victoria Vinson
ďJustice is best determined in a court of law.Ē I do not mean to offend those who agree with this statement, but I personally think itís, for the most part, complete lies. I have my reasons, too. Iím not one of those radicals who hates the government and thinks that we should live The Purge every day; but that doesnít mean I always agree with the law. I agree in the sense that people should be reprimanded when they steal an old womanís purse, and that someone who murdered 26 people deserves to rot in jail for the rest of their lives. That, I agree with. But in our modern-day lives, thatís not always the case. This is where the term ďinnocent until proven guiltyĒ comes into play. This is true for some people, yes. However, when you have a case where there was only one witness with bad eyesight and broken glasses, and the evidence has been destroyed from the scene of the crime, things happen. Sometimes a person who committed a really bad crime gets away with it, just because the evidence or lack thereof, said so. There are also technicalities in our laws that sometimes prevent people from getting true justice. There are some little details in the law or society that makes the victim look bad rather than the suspect, or little strings left unattached that probable cause and legally accepted evidence cannot tie back together. Thereís also a lot of ďcrimesĒ committed that the bad guy in the situation never gets punished for, because in some twisted way, the law is on his side. People can hire the best lawyer, or go through every single shred of evidence with a fine tooth comb, or get everybody they know to testify. But sometimes, thatís still not enough for an innocent man to put a wrong-doer in his place.
Or, on the other hand, there are also crimes people cannot take to court, like when someone cheats in a relationship. That kind of justice is very different from putting murderers in jail. Thatís really someone who most likely deserves a good slap in the face. One only. Iím not saying they should be stoned in the town square and beaten with a club; but maybe they deserve a good slap. Just one, good, well-deserved slap. Or, things like relationships. Say a woman cheated in a relationship, for example. If a woman cheats on her significant other when she made promises and bonds with that person, then that in my eyes is a crime. Then, of course, our human sense of morality kicks in and justice gets mixed up with anger and resentment. Itís a good thing cases like this have no justification in the lawís eyes; but that doesnít mean justice wouldnít help.
Also, the court system isnít always doing the right thing. Sometimes this is because these crimes have no laws that can help them, or maybe the person who was committed against also made some bad choices. This happens quite a lot; especially to troubled teens and kids. If a kid is raised in a neighborhood where everybody says that being a drug dealer is the best thing you can do, and that was all he knew his entire life because he never got any kind of education or real job experience, is he really a criminal? Sure, he knows itís illegal, but there are a lot of people who do illegal things to get by because itís the only thing they know. How can you arrest someone for being raised in a bad place and doing as they were told their entire lives. That, I donít think, is something that a seventeen year old kid with a terrible quality of life deserves to be thrown in jail for. Yes, there are a lot of people who continue this pattern into their adult lives and donít care. That much is true. But we as Americans do not even give a chance to the ones who might have a real future ahead of them. The seventeen year old kid that got arrested for drug dealing? Donít send him to a juvenile detention center. Donít let him rot in jail and become an even worse criminal because those are the only kinds of people he is surrounded by. Instead, put him in school. Give him an education and teach him to deal with money or work with his hands. Teach him how to make a better life for himself with the help of the law. Not against it. But, because the court says drug dealing is an illegal act against the United States of America, he gets to sit in jail for years with other criminals, toughen up, and do parole once he gets out because thatís what he deserves. At least thatís what the court of law says.
I do not agree that justice is best determined in a court of law. I donít think so now, and I do not see my views changing on that subject any time later on, either.

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