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Of Mice and Men: Anticipation/reaction guide

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Deja Blue
Mrs. Cox
English Honors 9
15 September 2014
Of Mice and Men 2
In my opinion life today is easier than it was in the 1930ís. There are many reasons why life today is easier than in the 1930ís. I will be discussing my top three reasons. My top three reasons are technology has evolved, the economy is better, and everyone is treated equally.
One reason why I feel life is easier in 2014 is because of the evolution of technology. For example we have cell phones and computers. Cell phones and computers make life easier because we can communicate with people that are far away. It makes traveling easier with the use of GPS and navigation. It also keeps our planes from crashing. Another example of how technology has evolved is the invention and the consistent upgrading of washers and dryers. I couldnít imagine washing my clothes by hand. Itís easier to put my clothes in the washer and dryer. It wouldíve been very difficult to wash and dry five loads in one day in the 1930ís; whereas in 2014 itís very doable.
Another reason why I believe life is easier in 2014 is because the economy is better. The economy is better because there are more jobs. There are more jobs because there are more places to work at. Such as stores, restaurants, schools, jails, and a whole lot of other places. There are also more entrepreneurs. Itís also better because they pay

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more. Better paying jobs make life easier because it helps people have food on the table and a roof over their heads; which cuts down on the homeless people.
The last reason why I believe its easier in 2014 is that everyone is treated equally. For instance in the 1930ís, women werenít equally treated as men. Women couldnít vote and they didnít get equally paid as men. Although in the NBA the men get paid more than women in the WNBA. Another example is that everyone has a right to a free education. You donít have to be wealthy or middle class to send your kids to school. Lastly there is no segregation in this country. In the 1930ís African Americans had to drink at different water fountains.
Some people might think life is harder today than in the 1930ís. I believe that life is easier today than in the 1930ís. The reasons why I think life is easier today are because technology has evolved, the economy is better, and there is no segregation.

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