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American Literature

Liz Johnson
Honors American Literature Period 5
October 14, 2014
Crucible Response
Courage is standing up for something in a difficult or fearsome situation. It can be scary to stand alone. Sometimes people may try to punish you for what you believe is right. If what you are standing up for is against the normal belief is extremely scary. A person has courage when he or she speaks out alone, if there is judgment or a punishment for standing up, and he or she goes against the normal way people think. It is extremely fearsome to face your peers and not conform to a Mob mentality.
When a person displays courage he or she must be able to stand alone. The person must have the confidence to speak up. It is very difficult for one to go against the flow of the system. If someone speaks up for something they believe strongly in, he or she should be applauded. It takes courage to speak up for something one believes strongly in, especially when they are alone. Anyone can conform to popular belief, but not everyone can stay strong and hold to their virtues.
In The Crucible, many of the people living in Salem do not speak up for themselves when there are punishments. One character that stands up for herself is Mary Warren. In the beginning of the play she was a very timid and follows the rules. Once people started accusing women of witch craft, Mary Warren helped with the trails. She began to gain confidence and authority. Mary Warren started to believe in herself. The audience can see this happening when she came to the Proctors’ house after she left Salem. John Proctor yelled at Mary Warren and threatened her with a whipping punishment. She said,” I won’t stand whipping anymore”. The audience can see that she is standing up for herself even though she was threatening to be whipped. That action took courage because she easily could have given into Proctor’s orders, but she stayed confident in her beliefs and didn’t let his threats change her mind.
Finally, Courage is difficult and fearsome when you have to face the judgment of other. This proves courage is fearsome because it is often hard to face the opinions of one’s peers. It is usually hard for people to speak publicly in general, imagine doing it to defend something everyone else is against. An example of Courage being difficult because of being judged is telling the truth when you do something wrong. People often pass judgment on your mistakes and it takes courage and responsibility to own up to them.
Courage takes a lot of guts and bravery. Many acts of courage are extremely fearsome, like standing alone to defend your beliefs. It is also difficult to have courage to have to face the judgment of others. Lastly, it takes a lot of courage to defend your belief even if you know there will be consequences or punishments. In the end, it is safe to say courage is doing something even though it can be fearsome or difficult.

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