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Re(1): Who are Reptilians?

Todays royal families come from the ancient High Priest status. The High Priest controlled the civilizations and he gave himself the King and Queen status. Therefore many of the ancient King's acted as the High Priest also.

These High Priests used an ancient technology, a Pyramid system. Archaeology provides us with the evidence that pyramids were built in many countries.

Therefore like us in common time, the ancients had a form of technology that their civilizations used.

The ancient civilizations in structure were very much like our common living standards.

The ancient story of the Ark of the Beasts, and reptilian is a beast discusses that human kind did not listen to their higher spiritual consciousness, they ignored this.

This is the theme of the ancient literature stories discussing via Philosophy/psychic awareness how they attacked themselves by allowing the UFO bodies to form in the Earth's atmosphere.

The Ark of the Beast story tells us that human kind were all killed in the flood. The atmosphere is liquid and it has sound in it. UFO bodies form as radiated sound.

Radiated sound enlarged the atmosphere with heat waves. This is why the secret term for Japeth in the Ark is enlargement.

Hence by review the only survivors of the flood in the atmosphere caused by radiating sound were the human beings genetics that crossed with animal genetics.

Therefore when we look at ancient DNA, human beings form had crossed with the ape/monkey. As reptiles have a different form of blood to humans, there's is cold blooded, the UFO changed the holy bloodlines in the atmosphere. Human bloodlines therefore had crossed with reptile bloodlines, which is why they gained unholy plagues/sickness that they named as stigmata.

This is what is happening to us all again.

Scientists studying star radiation for a bio fuel science have crossed our information in the upper atmosphere with the star radiation burn...UFO manifestation. They did this themselves because they were studying the natural cell state of creation on a BIO level.

As crop circles are caused by the gas release of the Scientists forming the converSION from the crops they are using into a BIO FUEL, they once again have crossed our DNA heritage with the BEAST.

This is why we are spiritually being attacked, caused by Scientists.

The observation of the UFO and the burn can be witnessed in the atmosphere.

The pyramid signal opens a burnt door, which looks like a triangle, and inside we can see the burning atmosphere as it is being converted by Scientists in forming the sound body for converting the actual crop matter.

Scientists are killing us all and don't want us to know. Hierarchy chose this for us, as they wanted a new resource for civilization use. They agreed that they would kill a huge population by an unreal theory about the state of creation.

They have continually covered and stopped any public release of information. They constantly cause human beings trying to psychically and spiritually defend us against this realization, that they stop them from informing the public.

This is what has happened to me.

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