Why no fishing reports?

On a site that is supposed to be for Fishermen to get news and brag about their own experiences to help others.Fall fishing is taking off and STILL no Reports on here.Is every one around Indian Lake so selfish as to not even give up a few post so the less knowledgeable ones can. Maybe take their little ones to the lake and create some memories ? C`mon Share just
a little (It REALLY wont HURT you.After all it is a very BIG LAKE And We aren't asking for your secret HONEY HOLE! I`ts also is good for your economy around the lake to have people come and spend their hard earned money Heck you may meet a NEW FRIEND! is that so bad? OK my Rant is over. We will see if any one on here has the compassion to help others.Please make this site "helpful to others" like a fishing site is supposed to be.


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