The caves are where it all started. They allowed the first wandering wolves access to the land of Blossom Forest, and afterward housed the monster that had threatened the earliest of inhabitants. The heroes had slain it, yes, but in doing so had also closed off one of the pathways in the caverns, magic blocking one of the many exits to Blossom Forest. But over the years, the original spell has weakened and now the way is clear. What will not only crawl out of the caverns, but erupt from it? The caves now thrum with the ever growing magic wellspring as it spreads out into the land. It is from here that the first vampire of Blossom Forest was corrupted, and it is here that any subsequent vampire will be born. To traverse its paths is dangerous - there is an almost impenetrable darkness, and in that abyss lays many secrets - hidden holes one could fall through, weakened floors, and then of course there is the labyrinthe itself. No one knows what the deeper levels hold - no one has traveled them and survived to tell tales. Not even those who call this place home dares to test their luck by going in deep, deep, deeper. The magic exuding from this place has rearranged the lands - moving packs, changing the terrain. Here the cave looks the same but it is not - it is more dangerous than ever. In addition, outside the mouth of the cave the sacred stones that once stood erect in another place now stand guard. They are colored the most beautiful arrangement of jewel tones, and almost appear to be made of gems themselves, no longer the dull grey they once were. It is within them that all official fights must take place - at the Blican Orlege. Welcome to Drylic Cofa...


Slow Me Down

S h a e
Moving so fast Iím forgetting my purpose
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Shae had not seen either of her brothers in the longest of whiles, for the last time that she had seen Harries, he had clearly had plans of his own, devious ones that she would discover in time on her own. For that was Shae's task - to keep her brothers in line and ensure that neither of them would would bring further shame to their father. As it was, neither of her two royal brothers (for in reality it was likely she had tens more brothers than simply Akuji and Harries, but they had no claim to the throne), were in their father's good graces. Akuji had killed the princess of another royal kalak line, while Harries had yet to supply any new warriors or breeding machines. Akuji had been outlawed and marooned for his sins... but there was surprisingly the potential for Akuji to win back his father's pride and trust... for Akuji had done what Harries had yet to do - he had mated with another kalak, producing offspring that were pure of blood, providing new DNA. Shae had yet to warn Akuji of the coming danger... but at the same time she knew that he was aware of what was to come - their father.

If Shae was given the order herself, she would fulfill the task, albeit begrudgingly and with guilt. Whereas Akuji and Harries had been raised as womanizers and warriors, she had been raised as a princess. She had the option to choose her mate, so long as he was a purebred that was strong and well built, a brute that would provide offspring worthy of the throne. It would be Shae's offspring that would inherit the position of King when their father grew weak, and it would only be after their father groomed him to be everything that was required - tyrannical, strong, cunning.

As of yet, Shae had not found a suitable mate. She was old fashioned and had the fantasy that at some point she would find another she actually wanted to be with. She knew it was highly unlikely, but she liked to enjoy her dreams, ignoring the likelihood that it would be dashed and destroyed in time. But stronger than that was the fear that her father would make the decision that she no longer held any use to him. Should she take too long to find a mate, their father would simply impart his favor upon another of his daughters, choosing a different femme to be the main heiress. It was upon a dangerous edge that she now tread, which is why she ensured that she completely carried out his every order.

For now, that meant she would stay in Blossom Forest, watching. Waiting.

She had been traveling the lands, listening to whispers, hearing confessions, learning of Harries' sexual exploits... when she had learned of his protege, and of the indiscretion he had committed. It was a bad situation, unfortunately, for Zorion was not well mentally, nor was he completely sane. And thus, his soft mind had been molded by Harries into something dangerous, something explosive. The femme he had taken was now pregnant... and Zorion had been stalking her. He was soft... he was attached. This would not end well. She just knew it.

Her brother's call surprised her, but she smirked - no doubt he required her for entertainment. Harries had no trouble seducing femmes, but it was difficult for him to form personal relations. To trust. To enjoy another's company. Shae's long limbs raced over the lands gracefully, giving her the appearance of a drifting image that hardly touched the earth. Not a moment of hesitation touched her when she reached the mouth of the caverns that inserted fear in so many people - fear of horror and tales and myths. None of those affected her as she entered, following the scent she knew so well. Once he came into her visage, she ran to him, lunging and pressing into him. "You missed me, darling?" Rubbing against his full length, her tailed flicked up under his chin flirtatiously, curling around him before coming to face him. "Harries, my dear, you have been busy. "

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