i must admitt i was shocked for a minute with joe's post. i, however called Joe this morning wanting to meet with him and give him a explination on any post i have made. he stated he didnt want to talk right now and he has a issue at home to deal with. again and again things get posted that are not the true story. if Joe calls me back and agrees to talk with me and there wont be any lights, camera or action. two guys calmly speaking. im being accused on this site of being a real bad person. the one thing that needs to be cleared up is the phrase "YOU PEOPLE". what the hell is that? the comments about the Ireland family made by me are things i observed since living here and comments to me reguarding the Irelands not only from others in the area but also from the town i lived in before. i think i need to jar Joes memory a little going back a couple years ago when i started posting and made a comment and i was banned from this site for awhile. i also want,not need to explain but will, my williness to be part of the highway committe. my spelling is bad in old age. i contacted Mary and told her i wanted to be on this committe because of my years experiance dealing with federal, State, County and Local reqirements and my background in building maintenance, Osha, Phesh, Fire inspections and other mandates. im on this committe for one reason, to cut spending and come into compliance with New York State. i dislike taxes like everyone else does and theres a group of us that have spent our own money and a great deal on time to understand the correct operations of a highway dept. if anyone cant understand my drive to keep taxes down and either renovate the existing building or constructing a new building without raising taxes then put your heads in the sand deeper. if im guilty of hurting anyones feeling i apologize for that but only posted things on this site as i see them. also, because of the tight group that seems to oversee this site i will now take Kim Fairchilds advice and steer clear of it and let the chips fall where thay may. Joe im waiting for you to meet with me and also correct you on another thing, my truck gets 17.4 city, 22.6 highway. it depends on it's driven.


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