Re(1): Cat pooping around the house

Dear LeAnne;

Your kitty has stumped me,too. You have done everything a good cat owner should do and -- no reform on kitty's part. This is indeed a strange case. Nobody is challenging him, nothing new has gone wrong in his life -- and still the potty piles in the wrong places. Honest to Lady Bast, I am stumped.
The best I can do is suggest you take a look at our opening screen, under "Cat Care." There you will see an article entitled "Litter Box Mistakes.
Maybe one of them will suggest something helpful.
The only measure I can think of is a bit drastic, but It's pretty sure to work. Confine Kitty in a cat cage with his litter box. Eventually, he will use it (or go beside it, or something.) _Then_ let him out. He will probably be okay for the rest of the day.
Wish I had something more quick and easy for you. But it seems that some of the reasons cats don't go in their box are known _only_ to cats, and are closely guarded secrets. (None of my housemates will tell me, either.)
Good luck (and clean floors) to you and Kitty,
-- Dear Tabby

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