LA CITY Rankings #3

here are the last rankings before league finals. The last rankings will be based almost exclusively on the league finals results. Enjoy and let me know of any results that could change the rankings.

2014 LA City Rankings #3
1) Palisades: Great performance by Williams today at Sac produces All-Time City best time. Good depth through 6 runners puts them in the driverís seat for a repeat title.
2) San Pedro: Might have best depth in City now with 11 at 21:01 or better, but will their top 5 be able to hang with the Dolphins. 3-4-5 will probably determine their fate.
3) Granada Hills: Good job today, without Satterfield. If she is ready for City, that will improve their chances, but with #5 at over 21:00, it will be tough to break into top 2 without a drop to at least the 20:30ís.
4) Taft: Nice run by Alch led Taft at Sac. Looks like good shot at top 3 being under 20, but will have tough time beating Granada for the West Valley title.
5) Marshall: Girls didnít run today, but looked deep last week at Bell Gardens. No front runner probably prevents them from anything much higher.
6) Santee: Nice run today at Sac moves the girls closer to the podium. Another team with no real front runner, so chances at higher than 5th or so will be tough. Nice development so far, always ready for November run.
7) Poly: Beat Monroe in league and had nice race today. Depth will surely be an issue if your #-3-4-5 girls are in the 22ís or 23ís.
8) Birmingham: Good trio up front, but depth tails off after that. Will have to run well at West Valley Finals to get the auto qualifier of top 3.
9) Bravo: Poor run today, not sure if they were missing kids, but nice run at Bell Gardens last week, keeps them in the top 10 for now.
10) Bell: Another team not running today, but looked good last week at Bell Gardens. Shouldnít have a tough time winning Eastern League title, but needs to be ready at City Prelims to secure that spot in the Finals.

Individuals: The last cross country LA City Finals race for the greatest female runner in City history will unfold on November 22nd, and will probably finish with Marissa Williams (Palisades) winning her 10th individual title. Realegeno (Granada) had the 2nd fastest time today, but Marsh (Pali) has had a solid year. Nunez and Cameron (San Pedro) have both run low 18ís, but Alch had a breakout season in track last year.

1) El Camino Real: Another solid run today at Sac shows they may be ready to win City. Deep team, with top 7 at sub 17:10 at Pierce already. The Conquistadors hope to conquer City for the first time on the 22nd and take home some gold.
2) Marshall: Super duo up front looks good to place top 3, which means they will almost be scoring their 3-4-5-runners only, but they will still need to perform at their best to garner the first City title for the Barristers.
3) Santee: Falcons looked good today and are in range of the top teams. They want to win their 2nd City title 4 weeks and their depth could be key to their chances.
4) Granada Hills: Has been running well, but #5 appears to be too far back at this time. A lot can happen in 4 weeks, and the Highlanders will need to use it.
5) San Pedro: Nice gap of 30 seconds at Bell Gardens could give the Pirates a shot, but Will need top runners in low 16ís to battle for another title.
6) Venice: Luevano was fastest City kids today and with decent backup at 2-3 spots, the Gondoliers are in position to battle for a spot on the podium.
7) Bravo: Has looked good the last two weeks at invites. Right behind San Pedro last week and decent run today at Sac leaves Bravo dreaming of hardware in 4 weeks.
8) Birmingham: Another solid duo that should score low points, but without significant improvement in rest of scoring 5, hardware will be out of reach.
9) Palisades: Lots of frosh/soph on varsity, but with a normal performance by their #1 runner, they will have a good shot at winning Western League and standing on podium on the 22nd.
10) (tie)Monroe: Skipped Sac but running well in league and should take East Valley title in two weeks. Not much margin for error, will need to be ready at Prelims to be on the starting line for Finals
10) (tie) Taft: Beat Birmingham in dual on Thursday and then ran at Sac, but not at full strength. Will need some runners at sub 17:00 to guarantee a place in City Finals on November 22nd.

Individuals: Wide open race, but Luevano (Venice) moves to the front today after having the fastest time at Sac. Marshallís tough duo of Merchan and Garcia looked super today, but donít forget about Ceja and Alexander (Birmingham).


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