Re(1): cat not using litter

Dear Tammie;
Oh dear, that IS a problem. I don't think the new cat is the problem, as she'ss been around for three years, am I right?
There are many reasons why cats have "litter box accidents," and some of those reasons are known only to cats. Other cats, I mean -- they won't even tell me!
Take a look at our "Cat Care" section on the opening screen. There is an article there entitled "Litter Box Mistakes," and it lists a number of reasons, problems and solutions. I'm hoping one of them will fit your kitty.
If not, I would have to take a guess and say your kitty may be suffering from kidney illness, which is very common with cats. (My housemates and I eat only "anti kidney" cat kibble, and it's not expensive.) But your kitty may be suffering from some other parasite. Take a sample of Kitty's bowel movements and urinary output, along with Kitty, to your vet. I am hoping that will reveal the answer. Kidney disease is _very_ treatable -- if you get to it in time.
Good luck to you and your kitty pals.

-- Dear Tabby

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