cat not using her box!!

I have a cat, who is 4 years old. She is an outdoor/indoor cat. When the weather is nice she spends her nights outside hunting(i dont like it). She would go to the bathroom outside as well. The weather recently got cold and snowy. Now my cat started to go to the bathroom INSIDE, in the basement. On our really expensive shuffleboard. My mom is threatening to get rid of her if we cant fix this problem. For as long as we have had her- we got a new dog(which meant we had two dogs), our older dog passed away, and about 2 months ago we got another new puppy. She has gone to the doctor for a UTI. I believe she got meds for it. She eats really expensive food. One is even for UTI's. We have tried that air fresher thing as well. ALSO, when we would go to our summer home, on the weekends, she would go to the bathroom in the house. My mom was thinking she was doing it as revenge.

I really need help fixing this problem. I love my cat. I couldnt imagine what would happen to her if we had give her up.


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