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Of Mice and Men (Mrs. Lyon)

The statement ďA true friend will tell you the truth, even when you donít want to hear itĒ, is very true and should be taken serious. As a friend, I think you should always give your best opinion to the other no matter what. If asked a question about what to wear, or how to handle a situation, telling them a lie is only going to hurt them or make them look bad. You should always be there for your friends no matter what they do. I feel that you should always tell them how you feel about whatever they are doing even if they do not ask.
A friend is there to tell you right from wrong and give you advice about everything you can not tell someone else. They are to protect you from the bad and also to be honest with you in every situation. Dishonesty in a friendship only causes the other to turn away from you. If they find out you have been lying to them when they have asked you things, like anybody their feelings would really be hurt.
Being a friend we are often scared to ask our friends opinion because we are afraid of the truth. In my opinion I would rather be told the truth and change something about myself than for my friend to be dishonest with me and for me to continue with whatever it is I was doing and not know the real truth. I personally am brutally honest with all of my friends. If they ask me something, I am quick to tell them the truth and if the get mad at me they should not have asked me. I think as friends it is not easy telling the other something is wrong when you see them happy. Such as knowing they are being cheated on and such things that are serious like that. Sometimes friends think you tell them stuff just to get your way. In most cases we are only protecting them from what could happen to them or what the outcome of a situation could be.
I agree one hundred percent with the statement and I think that everyone that has a friend should too. Especially as girls we should have each others backs. Friends should always stick together and be honest about everything.


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