Re(1): RainDrop Stress

Dear Mommy Am,
I think you have put your finger exactly on the problem. Miss Raindrop is unhappy because HER territory is being invaded by those disgusting kittens, and YOU should not have let this happen.
But you are on the right track. The little guys need to be indoors. You could try one of these two approaches:
(1) Lock Miss Raindrop in a room by herself while the kittens are in the house. I think Rainy will realize she is mimssing someething, everything, and would be wise to calm down and put up with things.
(2) Or, you could try the old "squirt bottle" trick. Any kind of a spray/squirt bottle will do. Squirt Miss Raindrop every time she acts nasty toward you -- or even to the kittens.
For how much cats like being squirted with water, it should not take RainDrop long to realize these displays of aggression are NOT getting her what she wants; they are getting her only what she does NOT want.
Be sure to pet and cuddle her (when she's not being nasty) so she will know you still love her, as well as the kittens.
Good luck to all!
-- Dear Tabby

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