Re(1): cat not using her box!!

Dear Hayly;
I sympathize with your kitty's problems. Does she know what a kitty box is? Even though she is used to going outside? You may have to put some outdoor dirt into the kitty box for her to realize that going in the box is very much like going outside.
Plus, there have been some serious changes in her "family." This is often upsetting to cats.
Since she has had UTI, could it have returned? (BTW, at our house we use Walmart's cat kibble (cheap!) which is specialized for "urinary problems" in cats. Since we started using it, none of us have had a urinary problem.)
Cats missing the box are the most frequently-cited problems in my mailbox. On our main screen, Under "Cat Care," there is a title called "Kitty Box Mistakes." It has quite a roundup of reasons why various cats have had these problems.
I truly hope one of these ideas will work for you. If your mom requires you to give Kitty away, it is like signing her death notice. It is tough tough tough for adult cats to get adopted. So give these various plans a tryout -- I'm hoping one will work for you. If they don't, write me again and we will try to figure something out.
Best wishes,
-- Dear Tabby

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