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Re(1): Of Mice and Men (Mrs. Lyon)

Andrew Pereira
Mr. Curran
English 112
23 November 2014
Anticipation/Reaction Guide
Even though being rich can bring you large amounts of happiness and pleasure.
It can never beat having close friends. Being rich may be nice and it may allow you to do things that many other people in the world cannot do. For example have a nice house, expensive cars, a luxury jet, and your own personal butler. You can afford on going to expensive exotic places all around the world when ever you want and have the finest meals every day breakfast, lunch, and dinner full of the best cuts of meat of the richest most expensive wine there is. But at the end of the day are you going too look back on your life on what you did or are you going to look back and think of all of the memories you and your friends had through out the years. You can be someone that might not have a large amount of money that doesn’t often go on vacations that much and has a decently small house with only average cars that are nothing fancy, and you might also not eat the most greatest meals every day at a 5 star restaurant in France but instead go to Taco Bell. But are you going too look back and think that you were never rich and only had an average life style or are you going too look back on all of the great times that you spent with your friends through out the years. Money can never buy you happiness in life, even though it can buy you fancy cars, nice houses, and pricey vacations that will some day get boring for the human being and they will become lonely and sad. Friends are the people that will cheer you up when your sad and make you laugh every day, and the will never ever get boring to you because you will keep creating memories with them until the ends of your life’s.

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