It's not always black & white


Believe me when I tell you this....this world is not always that black and white.
The color of our skin defines us....but do we honestly know why?

Our race...we're a threat to our own race. We can be on top, but we choose to be on the bottom.
When one of us are killed by another, we cry he or she was innocent and it was not their time to go.
Little do you know; if they ran these streets. More you know; it will come back to them. They will die in these streets.
Black is not always black and white. Do you want to know why we are the laughing stock of the nation? Let me give you some reasons to why we are the laughing stock of this nation. One, we can't give one good thing about a black man. We have our children out here in these streets. Instead of trying to steer them right. We give up on them and let the streets take them away from us.
You claim its the police that keeps taking our lives,when really we are the ones that claiming most of our own lives.
You want to blame the white race, instead of taking a look at your own race.
You have black on black crime. Teenagers are dying in the streets. Teenagers are walking the streets during the day thinking nothing to do but to cause trouble. Break ins, lootings, drug deals. But when your child is one that has done wrong to others. You are quick to cry out. He was a innocent life. He didn't need to die in strife. Your child hurt others. What makes you think that its right to hurt another. You don't take from others thinking they are going to let it go. Black folks need to realize that being the snitch is a good thing. You wonder why crime is in this hood. Because everyone is scared open their fucking mouths. Everyone wants to live by this irrelevant ass code. Your children, your cousins, your brothers, are dying. Instead of telling the police what you know and linking them to what caused it. You want to sit in your house and watch it go down.
White people neighborhoods do not go down like that. Anything that happens. It is told to the police. Thats why the police patrols their area. To protect and to serve. They only go to hoods to arrests and deliver warrants to the deserved. Your hood doesn't have to be a hood if you open your mouth and speak up. Your child has been slain, but know your neighbor knows more and it wasn't the right time. But theres a place for everything. Remember that black people love one another. Sadly we don't, because everyone keeps living undercover. Every hood needs to snitch. If you want to rise, be protected, and actually live. You need to open your mouth and tell what you know. Young men, you need to stop selling drugs. Get a real job and start focusing on school. Stop dropping out and looking a dead ass fool. Young black men, if you think these streets care about you. You will wind up in the casket, in the back of that hearse with your family singing a sad tune. Leave these streets alone. They mean you no good. You know if you raised your kids and stayed away from the violence as you should. If you are working a job, then you are doing no wrong. When you put yourself in harms way, thats when it becomes a sad, slow bittersweet song. These mixtapes, these fake ass gangsters perpetrators.
Ask yourself?
Have you graduated elementary, middle or high school?
What college are you going to?
What is your ASVB score?
Do you know how to write a paragraph?
Do you understand what a life term sentence means in this system?
Do you want to be behind these bars?
Do you want to see your mother again?
Do you want your mother to see you behind bars when she tried to raise you right, but you fell in the wrong crowd. BLACK PEOPLE. WAKE THE FUCK UP. AND THE TIME IS NOW.

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