Re(3): Re: Dang - one more!

Electronics are important also...

Have a Quality GPS & a Quality Recorder

-I have two lowrance lcx-15mt(one backup) that I use for plotting full-screen & my self-created programs on the 'puter for GPS use only (the recorder/fishfinder side is junk & I went though 3-ducers in 2 years in the early 2000's before saying 'UNCLE on the original green box company)

-I use a Raymarine DS600X Fishfinder for collecting my plot data & it has never failed ( I bought it used from ETT in the early 2000's).

I got in on the ground floor of the GPS system in 1962 while in the USN Polaris sub-service ~ it helps w/collecting data & programming my GPS units to turn-out quality data to meet my 'specs for rod-bendin'..

PS ...Zoom down to the lowest level of your GPS when plotting and rodbendin'...

Fishing w/buds is a fun social event, while Angling is a serious skill-growth rung-climbing event with loads of self-improvement satisfaction w/each step... Hang a Hog, Not a Smelt

Ray da sUMo 'Chaser


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