Glaesfaet Sceawere is the name gifted to the mother river that flows through the center of Blossom Forest, bringing life and sustenance to all of the lands. It breaks off in many places, giving birth to smaller streams and estuaries, but the main body flows from the lake high in the north in Dierne Hrof all the way south down through Uyaraut to empty into the ocean. It is a fresh water river, but down through Uyaraut, the salt water does taint it. In places, parts of the river are underground and run through caverns unseen from aboveground.

Water buffalo grace these shores - with plenty of meat, though at a dangerous cost. Many river trout leap upstream daily.


On the road we go

Destiny was her name, a charcoal colored she wolf she was indeed. Her green eyes were the only thing that stood out from her appearance, besides the small white patch of fur and the tip of her tail which she referred to be a type of birthmark or at least a fur discoloration. She was an odd wolf, never talked to anyone, was very quiet and lonley and always on the move. She usually was not the center of attention and if she was she froze in her steps, and didn't move. She is more of a reserved type of wolf, she enjoyed watching the action instead of taking part in it. Even though Destiny may come off as a quiet she wolf she will not take any trouble from one of her kind, or any kind. Don't let her personality fool you, she is very strong willed and will not be pushed over.

Destiny smiled slightly as she emerged from forest, she was quite the tricky wolf. She began walking along the river side with the water barley rising to her paws, she enjoyed being by the river any chance she got. She leaped on bulky rock in front of her and laid down letting the sun warm her back, she watched the water below her flowing with fish. She moved her paw from off the rock so it would be hanging off the edge and with her nail touching the water as she sturried the water with her nail as she studied the area around her.


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