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Dear Lisa;
I can relate.We had the exact same situation here in our house a couple of years ago. A street cat was so pitiful, we had to bring him in before he got run over on our busy street. But our senior girl cat, Zina, had what we might call a "cat fit." She was just so insulted and furious about the whole thing, she could not get past it.
Here's what we did; We had the boy fixed and all shots before he came into the house. We kept him in one room until he got used to the idea he now live here. After he was let out of his room, he never made a move against Zina, despite the bad words she called him. He never picked up Zena's invitation for a duel-to-the death. In fact, he totally ignored her. Contined to do so until her dying day. Her death was not caused by him; she sas an elderly cat, and it was simply time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. But I believe she snarled out curse words aagainst him every step of the way.
Since then, he has gently made friens with the four other cats. No problem. They all get along.
Have patience. I suspect time will solve this problem for you. I surely hope so.
Sincere best wishes,
-- Dear Tabby

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