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A person is innocent until proven guilty

“A person is innocent until proven guilty” means the legal concept that the guilt of an accused person cannot be presumed and that they must be assumed to be innocent until proof of the contrary. I agree because of different reasons.
One should not be called guilty until he or she is proved so. First is because in Islam one should not be considered guilty until strong evidence and witnesses even when the person is guilty. Second is that Allah knows best and that people might be mistaken. The guilty ones never get their way out Allah is the best judge. Even if the guilty person is not caught and punished, he remains guilty and sooner or later he will get his pay. But people are nobody to determine who is guilty or not accuse without proof.
Well you can't convict someone simply because you think they did the crime, you have to prove it. Imagine if the cops came to your house one day and arrested you for murder because you happen to fit the description of the suspect. In that case, it would be mistaken identity but in the heat of the moment no one is going to care about that because most people will already assume that you're guilty, but you yourself know that you never committed such a crime.
All I am saying is that society, people, court “should” consider the person innocent because their “deen” does not give them the right to accuse. If the person is actually responsible for those acts and got lucky that no one can prove that he is guilty, he is not innocent, he and God knows.
If we use the inverse way which is “Guilty until proven innocent” it will definitely not be fair for everyone. The person is condemned at the first accusation and then stays guilty until its proved wrong. Is that fair? The person isn’t given the chance to prove his innocence. And people can care less, how many times have this happened? So many times and it is this type of adoption that causes it.
One time I lost my phone in my house and I sure that it was my brother that took it. I started attacking him and he said that he did not take it. Even though my mom knew better that he was guilty, she stopped me telling me that I do not have a proof and that I should consider that it is not him. The rest is now between him and God, Allah is the best judge. Just to say that it does not have to be major crimes for this rule to be applied. In everyday lives they can be accusations but one should know that they should have faith on God and know that you will get avenged if god wills. But one should suppose and then accuse people. What if you are wrong? You never know anyway, so be patient. Peace.


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