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That which doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger.

Straightforwardly I may use the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SWT) to show how this phrase, that which doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger, is undeniably truthful. The prophet wasn’t just an example through words but of his conduct, performance, and how he dealt with rigorous conflicts during his prophet hood. He’s brawled on the frontline during wars, lost his loved ones, was persecuted various times, and faced death eye to eye. Indeed, the messenger went through numerous trials and challenges throughout his life as a prophet but most of these trials mostly occurred in the early years of his Prophet Hood. Why’s that you may ask? Verily, so that he will more prepared, knowledgeable, and stronger for his Creator so that would lead a larger populations of Muslims as they multiply. Muhammad is one of the many prophets that’s faced many hardships in which could’ve destroyed him. Yet, it is these trials that we may testify with ease that they, the Prophets, are the strongest of all mankind because we couldn’t have gone through what they have and not have been destroyed.

As humans we know that regardless of how we were raised, the wealth you may possess, the ethnicity or race you’ve been born with, etc., we know by fact that we go through many hitches in life. It’s even blatant even to say that we can’t ever even avoid a problem to ever happen to us. And mostly because we can’t even avoid our difficulties that most of us choose to ‘give up on life’ or may believe that ‘it’s not worth living on’, even just for day, because their situation is ‘way too tough for them’. We’ve been set with test after test so don’t feel that you’re the only one and alone in this effort. Allah test whom He loves and wants to see his slave’s sincerity.

Nobody is perfect in this world. Even our faults, mistakes, and failings could make us stronger. I have many stories of my failures that makes me a whole lot stronger and prepared. I even given advice using my failures as a reference to make others tougher. So even our failures, if not taken for granted, as long as it doesn’t kill us (destroy us) could definitely improve our strength, for a good purpose.

“Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested?”
Surah Al-Anqaboot verse 2

This verse reminds us that life wasn’t meant to be easy at all. That it’s not only of words of praise towards your Lord that we have done our job and expect that we will be rewarded the mercy of God and live a happy ever after. No. First, Allah is the giver of the test himself therefore he wouldn’t make it impossible to pass or destroy us by the test; unless necessary. Lastly, we have to show that “we believe” by our given tests, knowing that it was sent by Allah, and try to accomplish it with all our will. Then, will we be bestowed the strength we need to endure.

"So verily, with hardship, there is relief."
Surah Ash-Sharh verse 5


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