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That which does not destroy us makes us stronger

I think that we should be strong in life in any kind of difficult’situation, because each day is a new beginning, every day is a fresh start in life so you don’t have to give up or be a shame for some of your mistakes, believe that everything will be okay, if you have an experience in life that hurt you a lot and if you are a weak person you can have psychological problem that will lead you to craziness if it pass you can tell it and share it with other people. Sometimes it takes painful situation to makes us changes our ways so hold on and be patient. There is a quote that says: you gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience by which you really stop to look fear in the face so you are able to say to yourself that you lived through this horror so you can take the next thing that come along.
So Never let anybody put you down no matter how disappointed you are, or where you come from, your color, poor or rich ,ugly or beautiful, cute, ugly elevate your personality because people will judge you from this so never give up, hold on because life is a bicycle you have to run fast sometime and slow down, along the way of success you can be influence by your enemies who will try to discourage you or show you the wrong path, there are many example of experiences from the celebrities that show us volunteer I mean have the passion and love to do such things ,one of the closest experience is the separation of my parents, it affect me a lot I remember when I use to go to school i used to cry a lot and I affect my study, I learned that being away from the people that you love the most make you grow up because it make to be more responsible of your actions. If I take the example of Michael Jordan, he is famous for being cut from his school basketball team, he turn out to be the greatest basketball player but never let failure deter him. I love one of his quote that says: “I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career, I have lost almost 300 games, on 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take game winning shot, and I missed .I have failed over and over again in my life, he persist, work hard, improve, push himself
So this is a good example to show you that life is not easy at all; it is from your failure, mistakes, hard times that you can learn and become more stronger. Believe in yourself, built your future, be a self made, don’t people try to help you every time, be when your future appear to be good they will try to bring back your past, the negative mistakes that you did ,or they will just try to destroy you.


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