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The difference between right and wrong is clear

The difference between right and wrong is clear.
If you are doing something bad you know that what you are doing is bad. If you are doing something right you will know that it is right. Your subconscient is always here to guide your tell you if what you are doing is right or wrong.
It all depends about the religion, the environnement, the society and the moral. Most of the people take their decision depending on their religion or even society.
Right is to do an act and that you’re sure that there is no problem about what you are doing or you’re not ashamed to do it in front of people Merriam Webster defines right as, “being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper; conforming to facts or truth.” . When you are doing right you are confident and have no remorse about it. Wrong is the opposite of doing right. Wrong is to something while you are knowing that it is not good, you are ashamed to do it in front of people, knowing that people might judge you about it. Wrong is basically the opposite of right. It is everything that is against laws, ethics and morals.
For me it depends on the society and the religion. For example Islam says that drinking alcohol is wrong, it is haram. Other some society sees it just like having fun or to forget them problems, for them it is right. Another example some society does not accept a man with two wives; they think that it is wrong and Muslims see it like something normal, it is right for them. What one person may thing it is wrong, may be right to another. Today we make our decisions according to what society believes is right or wrong and what we are taught. Society believes lying can be wrong in most situations, but not in all situations. The truth of the matter is, is that a lie is a lie. One can argue that some lies are bigger than others, but a lie is a lie, no matter how “big” or “small” one may think it is. The line separating right and wrong is based on one’s moral. Religion has the greatest influence on defining right and wrong.
What I mean is that the meaning right and wrong differs depending on the society, culture, environment, and religion.
In other right and wrong are good and evil. Sometimes it's just the view from where we place that makes the difference. The right is constructive .Evil is destructive. Each person has within her an answer but what is certain is that they are too far from each other and that even if these people know the difference when they continue in the wrong direction. The difference between right and wrong is very clear it is people that did not take time analyze it. There are many contradictory meaning of right and wrong mostly because of the religion. There is always a voice inside of you that is telling if what you are doing is good or not.


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