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What doesn't destroy you makes you stronger

It is easy to destroy someone's mind or moral because nowadays a little thing can hurt people.
But the best is someone who is able to accept failure or critic from someone and never stop trying to succeed in what you want to do. Because failure is part of life, it shows that you are trying and nothing is easy in life, you've to struggle to succeed, so failing is part of the process to overcome your goals. But you should not give up and say " I'm done I'll never have it " that's how to destroy yourself. 105
For example, someone who use to have more than 80% in his classes, and have 15% in science midterm, 1/2 of people would be disappointed and leave that subject and continue on where they have good grades. This is not the best way to proceed, you should not give up because when you continue on something after a failure, when you give everything you can and finally fulfill, you feel very proud and happy because you use your failure to see new things you was not able to know so you also gain knowledge.
To be someone or have a big thing life, you will fail a lot, those who are great personalities in the world, are those who failed a lot but never gave up and finally are or have what they deserve. 135
But having that mentality is not easy to have, education you receive from your parents or at school, it's very important because if you someone who never give up from adolescence it will be more easy for you to have that character when you fail in your future. So for me it all depends on how you'd been educate because if you weak when you are suppose to be responsible of an enterprise, people will fool you easily or something who has a smaller job than yours, he'll try to put you down and take your place, and that one person is not afraid of failure, so failing once won't be a problem for him.
Know how to rebound after a deception is a pillar for a good professional life.
Nobody is perfect but we are perfectible, we can all be wrong, make mistakes and regret it but when you think after your act, if you take it in a good way, it will motivate you to be the best without giving up.

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