pooping and peeing on my bed

I have a 6 year old cat Named Tigger. He is a great cat but since I moved in with my fiancÚ he has started to poop and pee on my bed randomly. I think hes Jealous. he will go months and its fine then he will go and do it a bunch of times. Thank god for my bed liner. I know hes trying to get my attention because he will do it right in form of us. I made a vet appointment but he seems fine. and nothing else has changed. before we moved in with my guy. We live a few places and he Never not once went outside his litter box. for 5 years. I also have a dog. and Lately tigger has been more clingy. which I like cause he lets me hold him. my bed used to be the only place he sat with me. but now hes not allowed in our bed room. I am going to get him a new litter box that cleans itself also. any insight??


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