RainDrop again

Dear Tabby, Thanks For the Advice a few months ago on her Sisters they usually get along great but Yesterday affter noon and all day today Rainy's been acting stressed again Although I can think of nothing that would cause it the Christmas tree didn't bother her but shes been in heat a Lot lately and hasn't been fixed yet shes indoor so i don't see any rush but this hissing and scratching and yowling at every one and just being a brat has me worried Shes drinking fine and eating okay and still using the box as far as i can tell. just is being really cranky with the babies who after the first week she took to with no further issues and our dog whom shes known her whole life and me when i try to move her or put her into the bedroom with her sissies(Dawn and Dusk) food water and potty box so i can leave the house, Along with the rest of our family if we walk to close to her she lashes out, my mother says PMS. shes not doing the things she usually loves aka making her self a pest by draping over your neck and shoulders as a stole while your at the computer the family's been fighting the flu Could that be the cause? any idea what might be up with MY Rainy any help would be appriceated Thanks Mommy Am


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