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Urinary tract infections relate to Paraplegia

Hi James, I am in a perdicament. I am 58 and I am a T-10 para for almost 35 years. About 20 years ago related to UTIs a "urologist" treated me for an infection. He gave me an antibiotic for a week to get rid of it which I had never heard of before. It didn't, so he gave it to me again and again and again. Into my 4th week I scratched my little toe getting into the tub and by the next week I had to go to the Emergency room, because the infection was running up my leg so quickly the doc told me that if he couldn't stop it quickly he may need to remove my leg.

It was Cipro! Kept the leg, but basically lost the bladder. I now have a Superpubic Catheter. I have been using this for about 16 years.

Now my issue is I am having UTIs all the time and it happens when I change the catheter out. I have always washed with soap then with Hdrogen peroxide and then change the catheter. It does not work any more and I know I am getting worse for it. What can I do when changeing the cathereter? Can I get away from the catheter at all? What should I be doing after the catheter is in? I am trying to be more natural and find something that works. Please help!!!!

Thanks for the help.

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