Re(1): Male, Neutered Cat Peeing

Dear Bethany;

That is a tough problem. There are many reasons cats develop this annoying habit, and some of those reasons are known only to cats. (They won't tell me -- I've tried.) On our main screen there is a title "Cat Care." Click on "Cat Care" and you will find an article entitled "Litter Box Mistakes." It contains all the reasons _we_ know that kitties so dearly love to tinkle on peoples' beds. Your visit to the vet shows there is no urinary difficulty involved so...I would suggest taking the easy way out on this one. Close the door to your parents' room. Keep it closed until the bed does not smell so fascinatingly new to Kitty. Yes, that could take months. If you can come up with a better solution, please use it. In the meantime, the closed door usually does the trick.

Best wishes to you, Kitty and Mom and Dad,
-- Dear Tabby

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