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Re(1): Big Bass Showdown $1000 guarunteed payout

I was curious about a few things. You called me once and we discussed this whole event. I haven't heard from you since. I did hear that you were waiting on city officials in regards to a permit. I told you that we have never had to use a permit and that our events don't meet the criteria to warrant such a thing. Just curious as to how that played out.

I do have one huge question before I bombard you with questions I know I will be asked. Your opening line calls this the 1st Annual Big Bass Showdown. Is this a Big Bass Tournament or is it a regular bass fishing tournament with you bringing in your best 5 and you also have a chance to win the big bass pot? I'm not very clear on what type of event this is now.

In regards to your Guaranteed payout, do you have a breakdown of 1st 2nd 3rd 4th etc so on? If this is a Big Bass Tournament guys will want to know the breakdown. If it will be a regular tournament with a chance for big bass honors you should post a payout matrix as well. Guys want to know these things.

In regards to the entry fee, the $40 will be if a boat has 2 anglers I'm assuming. What is the entry if there is only 1 angler? Just curious because many will want to know this.

When we spoke you stated that you would limit the number of anglers to Lake Smith and the rest would be at Little Creek. I believe you had mentioned the first 20 would go to Smith and the next 10 to Little Creek. Are you still planning on this or did you take my advice and leave both lakes open giving the anglers the option to switch.

Another huge question is will this be open to bank fishermen or do you have to have a boat with a livewell? Reason I ask is if this is a Big Bass Tournament you will have bank fishermen especially now that the lake has all those new fishing piers, want to come and join.

Do you have rules and if so, you may want to get them posted. Guys will want to know this.

Bottom line is that your post leaves a lot of questions. I told you that I would be happy to work with you on this but you haven't called me back. I'm still waiting to hear back from you. Let me know if you need or want my help. Either way good luck to you all.


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