Re(3): Summary of the facts in New England


I discussed the VT and Maine kitten scenarios. The Lang Quebec/New Brunswick DNA paper found no evidence of breeding. I proposed two scenarios for a string of incidents related to the CT cat that occurred between 4 - 6 years ago.

Cougars in the suburbs of MA, RI, and CT, breeding females in the suburbs of MA, RI and CT ought to be leaving clear evidence of the kind that turns up in residential areas of Florida, the Midwest, and West randomly, every month, every week, not every 4, 10, 20 years.

Like this pic this week next to a home in Belle Forche, SD. More than two dozen clear prints in a single frame:

Radio-collared cat trips a series of cams across northern WI/Michigan UP:

Cougars shot in Chicago and west Illinois:

Here's random surveillance video of two cougars, one wearing a UC Santa Cruz Puma Project collar, same place, 21 hours apart:

Video from a surveillance camera already posted here from Los Gatos, CA where we tracked the female to her litter:

Panther love on video in Florida:

Three minutes of hand-held camera footage of a cougar kill in Colorado:

Indiana hunter tree-stand cell phone pic:

Kittens nursing in the Santa Cruz:

Moving a den in Florida:

Santa Cruz fawn kill on camera:

I've had several lovely chats with Dr. Rabinowitz, who admittedly has done no cougar field-research in the Northeast. I simply suggested to him if such random cam and surveillance pics of kittens, moms, and toms are turning up in FL, CA, CO and the Michigan UP, they should be turning up in the suburbs of MA, RI and CT as well.

The UC Santa Cruz Puma Project's website has wonderful material on the suburban cougars of the Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley, which is similar habitat in many ways to the I-95 corridor through MA, RI and CT. New pics and video weekly:

I wish with all my heart that you and your team confirm the peer-reviewed presence of breeding females in the suburbs of MA, RI and CT.




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