Re(5): Summary of the facts in New England


I went West to see what cougar evidence looks like. To learn. The irony is that I haven't spent years tracking out West, but a couple weeks. Found tons of evidence. If cougar evidence appears so readily in the CA suburbs, it should be occurring just as readily in the suburbs of the Northeast.

I've run several years of cam surveys here, investigated a couple hundred reports on the ground (go to the source; do not trust newspaper pics without your own ground-truthed corroboration), and reviewed hundreds of solicited pics with cougar biologists: one confirmation sent to us, the Greenwich pic, the only pic ever taken of a living wild cougar on the East Coast north of Florida. One confirmation in 15 years, yet we find random evidence cold-tracking, on dry ground or in snow, in minutes out West. Sure curious.

If, as you say, there is a higher density of cougars in the suburbs of MA, RI, CT, why review interminably old reports? The evidence is under your nose every day. Today. Find it. Publish it.

Make the good Dr. Rabinowitz proud.

A cougar was chased this week from a West Ottawa barn loft. Ears to the ground, Weather. This could be the next New England disperser. Pray it's a female:

Best of luck,



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