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English 12 Deep Thoughts Response 1984 Anticipation Guide

Celeste Rodriguez

Mr. Ehrlichmann

English 12 Period 2

12, February 2015

Deep Thoughts

From what I have been able to see, the people who sacrificed their freedom in exchange for security have an understandable reason for doing so. People are only human and not everyone is brave enough to allow themselves freedom in turn for a high risk factor. I myself, am a coward at times, and can completely understand why they would give up being free for a sense of security. It is instinct to survive. However, spying on citizens to ensure the freedom of the country seems hypocritical. To be entirely honest, I don’t have a set opinion on that and may change my mind. The government isn’t perfect, and at times, even corrupt, and that is perhaps influencing my thoughts. To add onto that, patriotism is not supporting the country in times of war; war is counterproductive in my opinion, and results in the death of many; including some who are reluctant to die over such a battle. Unless there is absolutely no way to resolve an issue without war, I doubt there is reason to support it, and even then, war is not quite something to be proud and supportive of.

Torture is frowned upon, period; even if he is a threat, torture won’t change a thing about the threat, and a singular punishment would accomplish more than torture even if the individual is not killed. Yes, they are not of moral situations, and by all means, could be the worst human scum of the earth; however, they’re still human. Which leads to the next part: people being held in prison without being charged. That is the definition of unlawful arrest. If they are charged as a serious threat, then they can be held; however, no matter how terrible they may be, prison without charge is either laziness or a lack of responsible criminal apprehension.

For the government to determine a threat based on what people read sounds a bit off. It is like discouraging reading itself; a subtle way of saying that books or reading is bad for people, undermining banning books. If they could find a criminal without knowing what they read, then yes. There is also the belief that security cameras will help catch potential criminals. However, in light of recent events, I don’t believe that is true as there are cases of security camera evidence being used yet not being able to determine the criminal, and other things. Not everything done to ensure public safety can be guaranteed to actually make a difference. I could be wrong, however, but I am not saying it is a 100% surefire way to catch criminal activity.

Everyone has a voice; and thus, words are the best form of the expression of ideas. Music, art, anything relating to humanities can count as “words,” even figuratively. There is a reason books exist after all. This again leads into the next part: reporters should not have to send their work to government officials to determine if it is a threat to the country or not. Unless there is a reason to be worried, it feels almost accusatory and tyrannical to think every writer has a story or work of literature against the government.
Lastly but not least, I really doubt that to gain peace, there must be preparation for war. Peace and war are not equal to each other, and personally, the idea of it feels almost like an oxymoron to me, if not an outright exmple of it. Unfortunately, people trying to achieve peace are met with war-like situations. However, that does not mean there will always be war in the end. There is a way to gain peace without war; its not the most common way it will be attained, though I am sure it is not impossible. Peace does not always have to be met with war.

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