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Deep Thoughts

Statement: The government has a right to know what people are reading so they may determine who might be a threat.

The government should not have the right to know what people are reading in order to determine who might be a threat for many reasons. For one, the government should not base the suspicion of criminal activity on someone based on the books they read or find interest in. Books are meant to be read and to help the reader learn someone new. Books are also meant to expand someone’s way of thinking and help make the person more knowledgeable. Book’s are overall not a good indication on whether or not someone is a threat because some people read books for merely entertainment or education purposes.

Another reason is because censoring books is an invasion of privacy. People should be able to read what they wish without worrying about the government putting them on “a threat” list. If this was true, many people who not read books they’re interested in because of the fear that they might be suspected of a crime later down the line. Which is wrong, everyone should feel safe and comfortable when reading a book or novel they find interest in.

Additionally, I feel that it is an ineffective way to figure out who might be a threat and that the government could find a better way in doing so. For example, the government should find ways to to strengthen their police force and their end of the spectrum before compromising the freedom of the people. As well as doing something positive for the people, instead of something violating. The government has many flaws within the system and I believe that those should be tackled before anything else.

All in all, the government should not be allowed to access any information about the books that we read. It is wrong, and it goes against the basic doctrine in the Constitution. Reading is something we should be able to enjoy doing without feeling violated or fearful of something happening to us. Reading is something that is so immensely important and is something that helps every generation prosper. Without reading, this country nor the world would be where it is today, and it definitely would not be as advanced as it is. Therefore, people should be able to read what they wish to read in order to prosper as human beings and help the world as well.

I believe these things because I am a reader myself and recognize the difference it has had on my life. I know that if I knew the government knew exactly what I was reading, I would be reluctant to read all of the books I find interesting because of the fear of it getting me into trouble. My life would be a lot different and it would be hard for me to find happiness in reading, which would probably happen to many people. If people stopped reading, the country would never prosper and then the government is looking at a whole other problem. Therefore, the government should not have the right to know what people are reading because it’s an invasion of privacy and it might lead to worse problems in the future.


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