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Deep Thought 1984

In response to the statement, “To assure our country’s freedom, the government should be able to spy on its citizens”, I do not agree with this statement. Our country cannot be a free country if the citizens of the country are being spied on. Freedom is to enjoy your rights and live freely as long as you are not harming or interfering with others’ natural rights. In “Uncle Sam and the Illusion of Privacy Online” by Adrienne LaFrance, it talks about how the government has made numerous request to Twitter, Facebook, and Google for personal information and these request are increasing each year. Almost eighty percent of the time these social medias networks give the United States government what they ask for. Not only was personal information given out, but it was very unlikely that these users were notified. When I think of social media, its a place to stay connect with friends and family and post whatever you desire. Not saying that it is okay to post your whole life, every thought you have, or inappropriate things but social media is a way to communicate. The government should not ask or receive access of personal information from social media networks or any other sources without the consent of the user or person. As stated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg “This is why I’ve been so confused and frustrated by the repeated reports of the behavior of the U.S government, When our engineers work tirelessly to improve security, we imagine we’re protecting you against criminals, not our own government.” Why have privacy settings or improvement in security if our government, our “protectors” are the ones who are stealing the very information we are trying to protect. We should feel free to express ourselves and communicate with others without the fear of the government having our personal information. Even if there is nothing to hide from the government, why does the government need our information and why should we be willing to give up that information to have so called “freedom”. I have multiple social media accounts myself: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and even though I have nothing to hide it still scares me that people and especially the government can have all my personal information like the things I post, my location, post I have deleted right in their hands. This personal information becomes not so personal anymore. If every move you make is being watch that is not freedom. Why would you need to be watch to assure freedom? The thought of being watch makes me feel like I have done something wrong or being set up somehow. If the government is spying on us or if people knew that the government was watching them this would make them feel restricted. People could not and would not live comfortably and the things people would change. Personally, I knew if I found out that I was being watch by the government I would fear what would happen to my life, how it could affect me or my family, and I would be extremely paranoid. I believe that freedom is also a form of trust. This trust should be a two way agreement, we as citizen trust our government to assure our freedom and happiness, while they trust us with the actions we chose to make. If the government cannot trust us, why should we trust them. All in all, we as citizens cannot act freely if we are being spied on by the government, that is not true freedom.

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