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Anticipation Guide: Deep Thoughts (1984)

Pain goes beyond skin deep. Not only is the body affected by pain. Pain can be inflicted in emotional and mental ways as well. Torture is personally a shallow method of punishment. For, it affects the entirety of a person and could be carried on with them for the rest of their lives. In many occasions one must undergo psychiatric and therapeutic help.

“Torture of a person who is a threat to our country’s freedom is acceptable as long as the person does not die”. I am personally very against this statement. I believe that a person shouldn’t be tortured if they are considered a threat to the country’s freedom. What is freedom in America anymore? It was built on the foundations of equality with the people of Great Britain and the Separatists. In the 1600’s these Separatists left Great England in search of a place where they could be free of the cruelty of the Church of England. Since then, society has molded itself into a pyramid where the top are males and the bottom are females. This pyramid is made with people of color being stomped on by the caucasians. This social pyramid has become our reality. It has been in place since the past and in many eyes it should also be in place for the future. We as a society like to carry the idea of freedom. Many people find joy in being able to say that they live in America which is the land of equality and equal opportunity. But with the pyramid engraved and installed in both the government and the public it is impossible to gain total equality. Without this total equality there is no true freedom. Without true freedom who is to say that somebody is a threat to it? How can we as a society punish specific people for breaking a law that we break every day?

When women are married they are given their husbands last name. It has been a tradition for centuries. After marriage a woman is given to the man. They transfer from the care of their father to their new husbands. They are treated as property. This kind of ideology is then transferred to their children and the children after that and it continues down the line for many generations. It creates a long chain of people who carry the same ideology that men are the superior beings while women are inferior. This is happening every day of our lives all while we continue to think that we are all equal and free. There is no freedom in the ownership of people.

When one looks into the people who are accused of being a threat to freedom, one finds that the accused are usually people of color. News stations and other media platforms have no problem talking down and degrading an African American, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic when they are believed to be against freedom. However, when a caucasian male student decides to shoot up a school the media looks for the good in him and sympathises with the attacker. There is a huge bias in the media and in society when it comes to people committing crimes. If a law was in place that said if a person were to be seen as a threat to freedom they would be tortured, i guarantee that a majority of the tortured would be people of color.

Torture is a huge action that could worsen and deeply affect a person. I believe that there should be a punishment for being a threat to the country’s freedom. However, I strongly believe that torture is not the answer. For, when a person is tortured the one inflicting the pain is ridding the torture of his freedom. Then, it would become an act of hypocrisy. Freedom is a huge concept that has not been understood or put into play yet. But, when a person is to be a threat of freedom punishment should be in order. Torture and death is too large a punishment.


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