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Anticipation Guide:Deep Thoughts

Michelle Nguyen
Mr. Ehrlichmann
English 12 Period 3
13 Feb. 2015

Torture is not acceptable in any way. It does not matter if someone were to be a threat to our country. A life is a life and it should not be treated unfairly in any way. “Torture of a person who is a threat to our country’s freedom is acceptable as long as the person does not die”. By subjecting a person with torture could cause damage to the person not only physically but mentally as well. A persons’ well being should not be taken so likely. Even in the Bill of Rights, cruel and unusual punishments, including torture, is illegal. If it were to happen, then not only is it illegal but it is encroaching on a persons rights.

The saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is untrue. By attacking a person with violence and fear, they are being mentally scarred for life. This type of damage could never be truly healed, there will always be a subconscious fear that will rise after certain types of treatment. Being physically attacked can have long lasting effects as well. Some injuries may heal but others can scar and even disable a person. Having a government turn towards torture as a method to gather information and ensure the safety of its citizens is not the most effective. Most people would fall under the pressure, accuse others to stop the pain befalling them. These accusations will lead to others being tortured and cause a cycle of unjust accusations.

What type of people would be tortured in the first place? Would it be U.S. citizens that are under suspicion or prisoners of war? Either way, the results will be fruitless since answers will be fabricated to stop what ever type of torture that is happening.


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