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Re(1): Anticipation Guide:Deep Thoughts

Michelle Nguyen
Mr. Ehrlichmann
English 12 Period 3
13 Feb. 2015

Everyone has a right to privacy. Even if it could protect the country's freedom, there are probably better ways to assure that freedom than just spying on its citizens. If a government were to continuously spy on its citizens, then that government might actually lose the trust of the citizens. Having no freedom within one's own country will probably lead to a suppression of the people's voices.

"To assure our country's freedom, the government should be able to spy on its citizens". Most people would probably not support this claim. After all, in the current society, some citizens of the U.S. doubt the government and suspect that the government is spying on its citizens right now. Although, it is true in a sense due to the fact that the government is gathering data from social media without notifying anybody except for the company itself. Breaching a persons privacy is wrong, even if it can assure the country's freedom. Even if it is allowed to spy on the citizens, what would be done once the government finds possible suspects? The government will have total control at that point but would it do anything about the citizens safety. Does freedom mean to live in fear?

The government has no right to control every aspect of a persons life. People deserve freedom but at what price? Life is full of many possibilities. Spying could be used for good but how can the people believe in its government. To assure a country's freedom, the government must be as truthful as possible.

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